The Land Rover - Maggie


Trying to decide on which vehicle to take is no easy choice. The long standing debate has to be between Land Rover and Toyota which are equally matched when weighing the pros and cons. As these are the most frequently used vehicles for overlanding, it came down to a personal choice in the end.

I had originally planned to take my Land Rover TD5 90, called "Iris", yet when I sat down and looked at the practicality of completely kitting her out from top to bottom the ££££££ soon added up and quickly as this would have far surpassed our travel budget.

When I heard Martin had advertised Maggie for sale on his website we both jumped at the opportunity without hesitation – Charlene’s comment was “Just Buy It”. Maggie has been through Africa so many times and is very much tried and tested, so there was no question in my mind other than to do what any bloke does - quickly poke my head under the bonnet, kick the tyres and drive down the lane. Then we just bought her.
Maggie's specs are:

Model: 110 Defender - Hardtop

Year: 1991

Engine: 200 Tdi Diesel

Current Mileage: 175 000 (when we bought her)

Fuel capacity: 80 Liters + 40 Litres spare tank + 2 x 20L Jerry Cans

Below is an overview of Maggie's setup and history....

                                 Maggie’s Setup                                           Maggie’s History

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