Maggie’s history


Richard & Jo Hepper Maggie was purchased in 1997 as a Defender 90 and was duly kitted out for expeditions. This was the first expedition Maggie was to undertake.

Colin & Wendy Clemments - Purchased Maggie from Richard & Jo Hepper in 2000 spending nearly 2 years in Africa. To celebrate their marriage Colin & Wendy took Maggie back into Africa, only this time Colin had converted Maggie into a Defender 110 (long wheel base).

Martin & Debbie - Truly spirited overlanders and down to earth people. They undertook the Trans Africa expedition in January 2005 setting off from the UK and finishing in Cape Town where Maggie was shipped back to the UK.

Martins passion for exploration can be seen in his Overland Network website

Jamie & Charlene - We had been following Martin & Debbie throughout their year of travel, the day the for sale sign was posted on the website for Maggie, I called Charlene and we agreed immediately that we had to buy her. At that stage we had not even seen Maggie and she was still in a container on her way over. Martin agreed that he would give me first dibs but needed to make a decision fast once we had seen Maggie as there were a few other interested people keen to see Maggie.

The week Maggie landed in the UK, Martin sent me an update and the date was set 23 Dec 2005 we went to see Maggie, a quick spin down some country lanes and there was no doubt, we had to have her.

Land Rover Setup - An overview of what goes where and how the Land rover is setup for this trip.

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The Land Rover, Maggie as she is now known in overlanding circles started her life as a Defender 90 and was destined to go overlanding from the day she rolled off the production line. Its in her chassis to travel