Africa Movie’s


Desert crossing from Nouadibou to Nouakchott

During a 5 day sand storm, Phillip, Steffi & ourselves decided to push for Nouakchott, what a day.

Date: 29 January 08

Crossing the Pont Faidherbe

In pursuit of fresh fish, took us across the Senegal river in St Louis to the local fish markets.

Date: 2 February 08

Ferry Crossing into The Gambia

From Senegal to The Gambia we had to put Maggie on the ferry, & meet the local merchants.

Date: 10 February 08

Niger Ferry

Leaving Tombouctou behind we had to catch the Niger river ferry.

Date: 22 February 08

Burkina Dust Devils

Traveling through Burkina Faso we came across many dusty whirlwinds.

Date: 28 February 08

Ghana Bridge Crossing

Making our way down to the Cape Coast taking the road less traveled, we came across this railway bridge.

Date: 2 March 08

Etosha Pan Hyena

On an early morning drive we captured this Hyena having a drink before slipping back into the bush.

Date: 15 May 08

Etosha Pan Elephant

Next to the road this young elephant stopped to have a drink after having a bath.

Date: 16 May 08

Crossing the Magadigadi Pans in Botswana

Traveling across the Magadigadi Pans, hot, dry and very dusty.

Date: 21 May 08

Rwanda's mountain Gorillas (Clip 1)

A privilege to walk with gorillas, one of the Blackbacks in the family.

Date: 15 June 08

Rwanda's mountain Gorillas (Clip 2)

The Blackback Gorilla relaxing.

Date: 15 June 08

Rwanda's mountain Gorillas (Clip 3)

The Silverback passes in front of us.

Date: 15 June 08

Rwanda's mountain Gorillas (Clip 4)

The rest of the family following the Silverback up the mountain.

Date: 15 June 08

Crossing the Equator in Uganda

Demonstration of our earths magnetic fields.

Date: 17 June 08