The dream of traveling across the great expanse of Africa was born shortly after landing in the UK. Looking back over the 10 hour flight and having visions of the many cultures, jungle, deserts, people and animals I had just flown over, was what really inspired me to do it again only this time on four wheels and a little longer than 10 hours......

The essence of the trip for me goes back to a day when, at a friends house, I was drawn to a photograph on the wall of friends sitting on the front of a Land Rover while watching a beautiful sunset. What inspired me and has made me remember the photograph was the caption at the bottom which read "The tragedy of life is not how short it is, but rather how long we take to live it".


Trying to live each day by these words isn't easy and this trip is just another way of me being true to myself and living life to its fullest while exploring and appreciating the life we have for what it is; being happy, exploring new places, having the best of friends in the whole world and mostly having by best friend with me through it all.

This trip has been many years in the planning and many a debate between
Charlene and I about what route to take, how much time we should spend in each country and most importantly what we would see and do. In some cases it came down to drawing straws and playing rock, scissor, paper (RSP). Charlene, I found to my advantage, was not very good at RSP so when it came down to things I really wanted to do I naturally chose RSP over drawing straws. I think she twigged that I had the upper hand and soon insisted on adding FIRE as the fourth element and proceeded to try and convince me that when she was a kid they always had fire when they played RSPF needless to say we don't use RSP to make decisions anymore. Charlene will have you know there is only one real objective, and the most important date of all, Saturday 13th December, our wedding day.

Deciding on the route was not an easy choice as there have been many considerations mostly to ensure we got to see and do what we both wanted in each country. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, surfing and the chance to walk through the rain forests of Uganda in search of Gorilla's were some of the real treasures Africa has to offer and as long as we kept to our simple list of things to see and do the rest of the trip would take care of itself and take us where it may on our destiny path............ well that's the plan at least:)

As we both love the ocean and with most of our trip being along the coast it made sense (and took little to convince myself) to incorporate a little surfing (Knee boarding) along the way and of course took very little persuasion on Charlene’s part as this would give her time to top up her tan (her reasoning is it would be good preparation for the wedding photo's!). Also had I not taken any of my boards it would be extremely disappointing to have driven past a number of good surf spots knowing I could have put in a few good bottom turns before jumping into the Landy and heading off to our next camp. It was agreed that the knee board had a place – now to just make some space!! So from that point the trip would keep us along the coast which we both love thus bringing a surf trip and our overland adventure into one awesome trip which would serve as a good reference for future surf adventure destinations.

Despite the political instability in some countries, we have a once in a life time opportunity to spend a year together travelling through one of the most beautiful continents, home to so many natural beauties in its people, culture, wildlife and just the attraction of wild and simple Africa. We also know we could never experience this in a thousand holidays and before we had more than just ourselves to worry about this would be a truly liberating experience - being outdoors, exploring woodlands and mountains, wiggling your toes in the sand, tasting the salty spray off the oceans waves, seeing and being in the presence of gorilla's, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, canoeing down the Okavango delta and simply just living for the moment with our eyes wide open.

If anything this will be a trip of a life time for us both and wouldn't be complete without two best friends travelling together.


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