Preparation for this trip, has drawn on so many resources, from books, the web, documentaries and meeting up with those are about to and have gone before us. One website which i found helpful The Africa Overland Network which has been great as you can go to one place to keep track of so many expeditions not only across Africa, but across the globe. Thus bringing together the passion of exploration and individuals pursuits to experience more to life than what’s in your back yard.

"The Africa Overland Network" site has been a great starting point not only for planning but also motivation for those times when the mountain of tasks seem impossible with the time frames and maintaining work commitments. The spirit of the adventurer is what makes the journey truly magnificent......

I have spent many hours pouring over web sites trying to figure out the best layout for the back of the landy.  After seeing many great ideas the decision was made for us when, in the end we were very lucky to purchase “Maggie”.  As Maggie has already done several overland trips and thus the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" was used and we have left the layout as we found her - which incorporates flexibility and maximum usage of available space. Needless to say it has also saved me a lot of work and effort!

Taking the time to look through many web sites and compare prices, I found the best deals and saved us money, which means we have more money to take on the trip. So it pays to be patient and shop around.

Planning: Financial

Planning: Capturing the moment

Planning: Reading references

Planning: Navigation - GPS & Maps

Planning: Links

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