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I used the bits and pieces from each book to help decide on what route, equipment and food to take and also just an overall sanity to check to make sure my thinking is on track. The books’ have certainly helped ease my initial concerns about the huge task ahead, don’t get me wrong it still is and continues to be the case however, it is always good to know that what you are doing is either right or wrong.

Lonely Planet - Africa on a shoestring

ISBN: 0-864424-81-7

As much as I would like it, funding is not endless so it's always good to have a

reference to help guide you to achieving your budget. The book has proved the

best concise country by country guide to what you need to know very quickly.

Chris Scott's - Sahara Overland

ISBN 1-873756-76-3

This book has been so useful and a reference guide to so many questions I have

had about where to start planning and what to consider as I often asked

myself "Do I really need it and could I achieve the same thing using what I already

have?" I found it interesting and calming to read that you can plan for nearly every

eventuality, yet when you have limited space you can make do with some of the

basics and improvise. The moment you open your mind to the possibility your options are endless. 

Bradt - Africa by Road

ISBN: 1-841620-17-3

Africa by Road has been informative on so many levels and I found a great

compliment to the Sahara Overland book. It has as suggestions from routes through

Africa to cooking to packing and it also looked at some of the practicalities of

female travellers in Africa where hygiene is an issue (which was a concern

Charlene had). Overall it has been a great read.


Spectrum guide to Malawi

ISBN-10: 1874041555

An informative guide for Malawi covering culture, places to go and things to do.



National Geographic - African Adventure Atlas

ISBN: 1-566951-73-9

It's a good all round book a little on the large size  but we will be taking it with

anyway as it does have lots of information which other books do not have and the

more you have at your disposal the better your options.



Lonely Planet - Kenya

ISBN: 1-74059-743-5

Knowing we would be spending some time in kenya Helen thought it an

appropriate birthday gift - thank you.




Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide

ISBN: 0-95323-241-7

Meeting up with Richard & Jo Hepper was fantastic, Richard has very kindly let us

use his book for the final checks leading up to our departure - thank you very much

I have already launched myself into each page checking the things I have missed,

so far so good.....



The Royal Geographical Society Expedition Handbook

ISBN: 1-86197-044-7

Thank you Glen & Jill for all your support, I will be thinking of you through our

travels. A great book which gives you the guidance and confidence to get started,

making a start is an achievement in itself.

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