Route options


Deciding on a route has not been easy, consulting with friends, reading websites, speaking to Martin, the thousands of hours spent looking at maps and doing as much research on both past and future trips (The Africa Overland Network), have all helped to determine our preferred route.

We have planned a second route should the political climate of the Central African Republic calm down this would give us the option to cut across into Uganda, time will only tell and having the two routes gives us options and with the countdown to our wedding day, this may come in handy as we take stock in Cameroon before moving on.


The route has tried to combine our passions for adventure and capture the essence of overlanding travel of experiencing different cultures, visiting some of the worlds most beautiful places and creatures, making new friends, before tying the knot in Cape Town, well lets hope we are still talking by then.....

The GPS waypoint information, are all the waypoints i have gathered in my sweep of the many websites and also many thanks to Martin.

Below are our options.

With the recent faction fighting in Kenya and the renewed clashes between Congo/Uganda/Rwanda our CAR option above was no longer an option at this time. We have also heard and read of increasing instances from fellow travellers & websites, that getting an Angola visa is a big challenge and near impossible. Many people have already turned around (or been turned around) as they have been denied access. In some instances overlanders have been declined entry despite having a letter of welcome from an Angolan Ambassador.

Congo is also making it even more difficult for overlanders to receive Congo visa's until such time they can produce an Angolan visa if travelling further to Angola. With this is mind & not wanting to waste time we have opted to ship our dear Maggie from Ghana to Cape Town & then drive up to Namibia to commence our adventure.

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                                            Option 3

Due to challenges in Nigeria and oil disputes we opted for this final route