Deb the bread from Wright’s  has been a great supporter from the outset who's enthusiasm is contagious

Baking the Wright Way

"Deb the Bread" will be supplying us with Wrights bread mixes to help keep on top of our expedition appetite. Thank you

Martin & Debbie - Expedition Fuel - First Steps & Tonbouctou

Martin & Debbie have kindly donated the first load of expedition fuel to get us on our way. They have been ever so kind in filling the primary and secondary tanks as well as the 2 jerry cans - thank you very much

Expedition Fuel - Atlas Mtns of Morocco

The Humphreys Family have generously sponsored the fuel to explore the great Atlas mountains of Morocco and in Ian's own words "I am only sponsoring the down hills", it will be cold but worth it.... thank you.

Ferry from UK to France

Thank you very much Clare & Richard for taking Maggie across the English Channel and the first leg of our Trans Africa expedition.

Sleeping under African stars

eFoam have given us a great discount on our replacement mattress. Thank you, we will most certainly be thinking of you when we put our heads to rest each night.

Expedition Refreshment

Knowing how important a liquid bevy is at the end of a long hot day traveling in expedition country. Thank you to Ryan Smyth & Tracy Driver for your kind offer & support

Expedition Spares & our first night

Thank you Rob & Helen for the extra spares provided I am not sure which way they go but I am sure I will figure it out :). Also it was lovely to spend our first night in France with you both, thank you

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We have been approached by friends & interested parties to explore how they could get involved or sponsor our journey so we have come up with some sponsorship ideas, but your ideas may be better & most welcome, once you have decided please email us and share in our experience.