Atlantic rowing Record Attempt

Porto Mogan to Barbados


Due to numerous delays, official port

clearance challenges, in transit boat damage

and preparation of the boat has meant that

our initial weather window was lost and

waiting for the next weather window could

take several weeks. As a result I have

had to return home as I am unable to wait indefinitely due to other commitments.

Following seas and wind is needed to

undertake a World Record attempt,

unfortunately we have not been

fortunate enough to have taken

advantage of these sooner.

Going regardless does not make

sense when trying to break a world


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As a dream of mine, you can be assured this has not been an easy decision,

unfortunately waiting for ideal weather conditions could be an endless time frame and

I hope you will understand that at some point you have to draw a line under this. As they say everything happens for a reason, right now this may not be obvious, but inevitably presents itself in due course.

Your support has been a source of motivation in getting me to the start line. In light of your support and the manner in which you have pledged this, I will be passing your pledges onto Great Ormond Street Hospital.

While I have not been successful in my attempt we have made a significant contribution towards supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital. To date numerous individuals have helped me raise £3,740 , 37% of my £10,000 target, your support has and will make a difference.


The Woodvale challenge was inspired by the Sergeant Chay Blyth and John Ridgeway who rowed from Cape Cod, North America to the Irish coast in 92 days.  Now 4 decades and five races later I will row with a team from Porto Mogan to Barbados.